“Having recently commissioned RSAcademics to carry out a SchoolPulse parent survey for Wimbledon High School, I can wholeheartedly recommend the experience. Governors and staff could see that Russell and Kate were professional and expert in their work and so believed the outcome and were prepared to do something about it.
Russell and Kate are also excellent at identifying the positive – there is always a lot of this and it is tempting only to focus on the “could do better” information. So to boost morale and to demonstrate to Governors how well things are going, such independent work is invaluable.
The survey is very detailed and nuanced but makes it very clear what and where the parents’ priorities lie and so how best to address them.”
Heather Hanbury, Head, Wimbledon High School
“We have once again been delighted with the way in which RSAcademics has conducted parental and staff satisfaction surveys for us. The care and attention to detail in constructing the surveys, and the professional way in which they were issued and analysed, were all impressive. We particularly appreciated Russell’s flexibility in helping us to present the results in a meaningful format, that was tactful yet honest. As ever, the presentation of results to colleagues was first-rate.”
David Goodhew, Head, Latymer Upper School
“I was very impressed with the personal service we received from RSAcademics during the conduct of the survey. The presentation to the Senior Management Team and the Vice Chair of Governors was detailed and informative. The final summary report for parents captured the main points perfectly. The survey was remarkable value for money, given the amount of work involved, and the results will be very useful for planning purposes. I can certainly recommend RSAcademics to Heads of other schools who want find out what their parents really think about their school.”
Mark Hanley-Browne, Headmaster, Emanuel School
“RSAcademics undertook Parent and Student surveys on our behalf. We found them to be flexible, innovative and thoroughly professional in their approach. In particular we were impressed by their sensitivity to the the ethos of the school. We found their final reports clearly presented and the findings have allowed us to more effectively plan for the future.”
John Browne, Deputy Head, Ampleforth College
“RSAcademics combined a very rigorous analytical approach with experienced insight and benchmarks with other schools. This helped us to really understand our relative strengths, weaknesses and priorities for improvement.”
Peter Nicholls, Vice Principal, Berkhamsted Schools Group
“The parental survey was the single most important tool that helped us create a strategic, response to issues we knew existed but had not been able to define. Parents were warm and supportive of the school but also honest and pleased to be consulted. From the analysis grew a clear programme of improvement, consultation and action. We are a stronger, better organisation as a result and much more ‘client focused’. The survey was delicately and sympathetically constructed, well benchmarked and sensitively interpreted. Money very well spent.”
Michael Spinney, Former Headmaster, The Beacon School Amersham
“Exceeding all expectations, but in line with our aspirations, RSAcademics produced undeniably accurate and incisive reports representing snap portraits of the whole gamut of the opinions of our parent bodies. Parents were surveyed in a phenomenally professional manner to identify their opinions of our strengths and weaknesses.
This information was evaluated and our performance levels benchmarked. Coherent and articulate reports were produced and shared in a sensitive, personable and common sense manner through a series of well run presentations. Excellent independent written feed back was supplied to our parents.
No stone was left unturned. What was the benefit of our investment in this information? We all know our schools well but finding evidence to support your ‘gut’ feeling in a completely impartial and evidence based manner is never easy. This process delivers it right into your hands, addressing the whole spectrum of issues, in an unarguable format to enable effective management decisions to be taken thereafter. We benefited hugely from it and I could not recommend the process more highly.”
Tobyn Thomas, Principal, Thomas’s London Day Schools
“Just as I’d hoped, the RSA Parents’ Survey proved to be a really useful part of the information-gathering process during my first year as Head at Alleyn’s. Russell and his team looked after us very well, by email, ‘phone and in person; and the presentations to staff were managed efficiently, responsively and with real warmth. I would certainly use the service again.”
Gary Savage, Headmaster, Alleyn’s School
“RSAcademics has helped us with general marketing advice and in particular with a parental attitude survey. The survey analysis provided by Russell Speirs has proved invaluable in inspection planning. His advice is perceptive and tailored for schools. The process was conducted and the feedback given skillfully and professionally. I can recommend RSAcademics without hesitation: it was a pleasure to work with them.”
Barry Martin, Headmaster, Hampton School
“It has been a pleasure to work with Russell and his extremely well organised team on our recent parent survey. Russell is the consummate professional and offered us expert advice throughout the process. When presenting the results to the staff and governors Russell’s knowledge and experience in the educational sector shone through.”
Hilary Shaw, former Headmistress, Wilmslow Preparatory School
“I am grateful to you for all your help and input; you clearly impressed the Strathallan Common Room who were very aware of how much you were in control of your brief. The extremely positive feedback from our parents was very encouraging but the survey also gave us further aspects on which to work which is of course very useful.”
Bruce Thompson, Headmaster, Strathallan
“This year was my first in post as Headmaster of Shrewsbury School and it was decided that we would initiate one of the largest surveys of perceptions of school standards ever commissioned. In short, all pupils (approximately 750), all parents, all teaching staff, all support staff and a considerable chunk of the Old Salopian community were sent questionnaires and asked their opinions about a raft of different aspects of the school’s operation. The aim of the exercise was to inform me, as the new Headmaster, of agenda items for a new school development plan, which had been requested by the governors soon after my appointment. The whole exercise had the added bonus of allowing the school to benchmark its performance against many other leading schools and, indeed, to assess progress and performance since our last survey was completed, back in 2005.
Throughout the whole process, RSAcademics’ professional expertise, understanding of how schools work and an ability to ‘nudge’ in the right direction, enabled us to complete the task and gain a vast amount of relevant and useful information.
Over the course of this year and through the considerable amount of dialogue, planning and follow up which went on, I have found the RSAcademics team to be utterly professional, flexible, exceptional in their ability to synthesise valuable and relevant information and then communicate it in a way which translates directly into a form that is easily understood by governors, staff, parents and pupils alike – a considerable achievement.
I am happy to recommend RSAcademics to others within the independent educational sector.”
Mark Turner, Headmaster, Shrewsbury School
“Thank you very much for all your hard work in organising the survey, presenting it and preparing your report. I have enjoyed meeting up with you again and have found your professional opinion and expertise valuable and refreshingly honest. All the governors and the management team who attended your presentation have asked me to pass on their gratitude to you.”
Philip Oldroyd, Headmaster, Sevenoaks Prep School
“The parent survey presentation was both thought provoking and uplifting which are, I am sure, two of the words that you would have liked me to select from a list if you had provided one (if you asked for five I might add professional, diplomatic and entertaining …).”
Andrew Browning, Headmaster, Dumpton School
“We were impressed by the thoroughness and helpfulness of the survey. It was sensitively interpreted and ably presented by Russell Speirs, who not only gave us a very useful picture of our school but also wrote an informative and well-phrased report on it for our parents. Highly recommended!”
Peter Brodie, Rector, The Glasgow Academy

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