What is SchoolPulse?

SchoolPulse offers questionnaire-based surveys which assess the health of a school from a parent, pupil or staff perspective and help identify areas for future development.

These surveys have proved invaluable to Head Teachers, Marketing Managers, and Governing Bodies in pinpointing priorities for improvement, enriching existing understanding, and forming the basis for strategic planning.

We all know our schools well but finding evidence to support your ‘gut’ feeling in a completely impartial and evidence based manner is never easy. This process delivers it right into your hands, addressing the whole spectrum of issues, in an unarguable format to enable effective management decisions to be taken thereafter. We benefited hugely from it and I could not recommend the process more highly. Tobyn Thomas, Principal, Thomas’s Day Schools

SchoolPulse also benchmarks your results against a uniquely robust dataset of comparable schools. This enables you to understand much more clearly how your school is performing on over forty different school features, as well as key overall such as overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend the school to others.

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