How it works

Each SchoolPulse survey comprises specific, tailor-made questions built around a core template of standard questions and measures.

A quantitative component for measurement:

This component of the survey comprises an online tick-box questionnaire designed to gather quantitative data which is used to measure the attitudes, perceptions and satisfaction levels of your parents, pupils or staff.

Some elements of this questionnaire are adaptable, enabling you to explore a number of specific issues that you feel need to be addressed, and to adapt the terminology and language to your particular requirements. The greater part comprises sets of tried and tested questions for all schools, enabling us to compare (benchmark) the responses against other schools, and consider your results in the wider context.

A qualitative element for understanding:

This component is made up of a number of open qualitative questions which are agreed with you, according to your specific requirements. These complement quantitative findings to get underneath the issues and explain the reasons behind the quantitative measures.

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