How it helps you

Your school’s strategic decision-making will benefit from up-to-date feedback on parental opinions and perceptions. By including the views of pupils and staff, Headteachers and Senior Management can gain a comprehensive picture of the school.

Given the level of investment made by parents in independent schools, and the potentially adverse effect of alienating just a few of them, it is vital that schools are aware of current views and opinions and use this understanding when formulating plans for the future. The research findings can then be used to engage and involve staff in shaping your school’s future direction and this can be facilitated through INSET days or workshops.

Many schools choose to implement these surveys in advance of an inspection to identify any issues.

Crucially, SchoolPulse could save you weeks and even months compared with running an in-house, DIY survey, and will provide a far more rigorous and robust base of evidence than any comparable survey currently available.